Bonfire night 2015

Remember, remember the 5th of November.

So yesterday was bonfire night, I’m guessing you’ve already figured that one out. It is possibly my second most favourite time of the year (Christmas being first) I love the way the sky comes to life with the vibrant colours, loud noises and how they all race across the heavens like they’re on a mission. Me and my family almost always go to firework displays and I just love it because being surrounded by happy people instantly fills me up with joy. I’m not a big fan of crowds myself but when we’re all staring at the same overflow of fireworks and crackling sounds all around us, it’s not only the fireworks that end up sparkling but everybody shows their inner spark too.


This is my very first blog that I have ever made so I’m sorry if the writing isn’t the best (or too cheesy) and the photos aren’t the best quality I know but hopeful with my all my birthday and Christmas money I will be able to buy an actual camera so the quality on here will be better for you guys. I’m not sure how often but I will also be doing reviews on books, makeup and lush bath bombs on here as well as the odd blogs when its a holiday or if I have something to share with you. Do you have any bath bombs/makeup/book recommendations for me to review on? What did you do for bonfire night? If you are still reading congratulations and thank you. xx


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