The sky is everywhere

Jandy Nelson… What can I say other than she is the best author In the world and her books are even better than snuggling up with your dog on a cold winters night watching movies with¬†an endless¬†box of chocolates (my ideal night). Both of her books are about romance and I have to admit when it comes to love, especially¬†in books or poems,¬†I crumble there and then.¬†However ‘the sky¬†is everywhere’ is love on a whole new level and I’m almost certain¬†everybody¬†would crumble at reading this book. Lennie is as normal as a girl can be until she looses her sister Bailey, when that happens her love life explodes. She finally gets the beautiful dream-boy of the school but as everything is going perfect for her everything is turned upside down. Lennie finds out a lot¬†of¬†things about her¬†Sister, Mother and herself¬†whilst going through¬†this hard chapter of her life. I won’t tell you about the whole¬†book because reading it yourself if far better than being told in a few sentences by me.


Out of 10 I would give this book a 10 and normally I wouldn’t give such high marks on anything¬†but ‘the sky is everywhere’ won me over and is the best book along side ‘I’ll give you the sun’¬†which is surprise, surprise Jandy Nelsons second book. If my cousin hadn’t give me this book a few year ago and I had not of even know who Jandy Nelson was now¬†I don’t know who I’d be today, I know it sounds clich√© but its true I believe everything¬†happens for a reason,¬†¬†but I¬†know for sure that I wouldn’t be reading because this is the book that got¬†me into reading itself. If you are into reading I strongly recommend this book¬†and if you are not into reading then¬†I hope you start too. Reading a book has gave me much more joy¬†than playing video games ever will and is much more beneficial. Who is your favourite author? What is your favourite book? If you are still reading well done and thank you x.


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